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2021 14th Annual Artist Teacher Exhibition, McGuire Woods Gallery, Lorton, VA

2019 Small Works Show, Yellow Barn, Glen Echo, MD

2018 Recent works Show, Fairfax Station, Fairfax, VA

2018  Art Open House, Rockville, MD

2018 SOLO show 50 @ 50 Yellow Barn, Glen Echo, MD
2016 Artomatic, Potomac, MD

2015 Labor Day Juried Art Show, Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD

2008 Tideline Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, MD
2007 Tideline Galley, Rehoboth Beach, MD

From the first time my Grandma Cincy bought me a pack of markers to the present day.........

every time I am creating, I am lost in a magical experience!  

I learned at a young age that I was a little different, however it was not until I was an adult that I realized that my ”difference” meant that I am a creative and curious soul.  I look at and exist in the world differently than most.

As an adult, I see that truly as a gift that now makes me smile and laugh out loud all the time!  I embrace it as often as I can in all areas of my life whether it be in my classroom, in my studio, while traveling, with food, the clothing I wear or my own artwork. My motto is: “Variety is the spice of life.”  I want to make the world a prettier and more colorful place. 

I now share my creative skills with others, particularly with my students as a Master in Art Education Teacher, I encourage my students to embrace their “differences” so they can discover how truly remarkable they are when they allow their own creativity to SHINE! I bring to my students, and to my art, worldwide travel experiences and a deep passion for life. 

As an artist, I am inspired by color, nature's beauty and repetition of form that I see everywhere around me!  Recently I have been referred to as an Expressionist & a Colorist. so for now ... I am an Expressionistic Colorist.

I am proud of home interiors I have created; my paintings; my photographs; and my glass pieces that grace both residential and commercial dwellings coast to coast. I am pleased to share my portfolio with you, at your request!

I LOVE doing custom, commissioned work please contact me if you are interested!

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